So by now many of you have figured out we have been offline for quite some time. This has been due to repeated attacks by off-shore hackers in China and Russia. We have abandoned our old website, rather uncooperative provider and the often dodgy Wordpress templates for the kind and gentle climate here with our new completely secure all-in-one host. I am happy to say we are delighted to be here even if it costs a little bit more. It got to the point where we were spending more time fixing corrupted back-end code and fiddling with seemingly endless barrages of software updates and less time blogging and cooking. It will be great to once again concentrate on what we do best! We will try to emigrate our old blog articles as we can over the coming weeks. In the meantime, readers will not be able to access my old articles until this process is complete. Thanks for your patience, and please check back soon!

Chef Cindy